acupuncture for sinusitis

Acupuncture for Sinusitis

Symptoms of Sinusitis include yellow nasal discharge from the front and back of the nose, blocked nose, frontal headache, pain in and around the sinuses, muzziness and fogginess in the head.
In long term sinusitis sufferers the problem can be anatomical as infection and inflammation make the very narrow cavities prone to even further blockage. As the cavities are so narrow and so deep infections are slow to react to antibiotics. Acupuncture & Electromagnetic get the body to heal itself but activating endorphins and the area and stimulating the area with an electromagnetic pulse which will unblock the area.

Here at Harmony Acupuncture we take a dual approach to Sinusitis:

  1. Use Acupuncture and Electromagnetic Acupuncture to free up the areas around the four pair of sinuses that are prone to infection and inflammation. This ensures a smooth flow of Qi and it releases any blockages. Clients often hear and feel a series of “pops” throughout the treatment.
  2. We will also look at diet and try to make a connection between diet and the pattern of sinuses problems.

In my experience 50% of all chronic sinus problems are caused by a Food Intolerance. Thus we will get to the “Root of the Problem” either through an Elimination Test of certain food stuffs or an Allergy Test to establish the intolerances and this combined with Acupuncture will sort out sinusitis problems once and for all!

Customer Testimonial

Rachel is wonderful. I suffered from sinus trouble affecting my taste and smell for a long time. Acupuncture was my last hope, and what a difference!! Between Acupuncture and an Intolerance Test my problem has all been sorted. Rachel did everything possible to make this happen, she was always so helpful. I would thoroughly recommend the Harmony Clinic.
Rose D, Douglas


The light in the tunnel!
 For years I have suffered with chronic sinus infections and kidney infections resulting in symptoms of fatigue, pain, low immunity and a general sense of being unwell. Each flare up was met with another course of strong anti-biotic which was fighting the symptoms but never got to the root cause. My energy levels were low and often interfering with my quality of life. At the start of this year I attended the Harmony Acupuncture and Nutrition Clinic where I met Rachel (better known as my savior!) whose highly professional, friendly and holistic approach has finally left me symptom free after 13 years. Together we discussed my full medical history and put a planned treatment together which consisted of food elimination, which removed any foods I was intolerant too and supplement advice and also an intense course of acupuncture to alleviate the symptoms. Initially I had a fear of needling but after the first session it turned out to be more pleasurable that painful. After two weeks, I could already feel a massive improvement where the pressure in my sinus had gone, I was breathing and sleeping better and had energy to burn. After one month I was symptom and anti-biotic free which after nearly 13 years of suffering I was left exhilarated and astonished. The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable  and I could not wait for my weekly sessions to come around again. The clinic rooms were peaceful and harmonious and almost felt like I was attending a Spa rather than a treatment. I was left pain–free, de-stressed and ready to take on the world again. I am still symptom free three months later! The overall experience was amazing and I am forever grateful.
Sueanne Byford, Cork