Where to Find Us

You can find the Harmony Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic at
Unit 6, Holbar House, East Douglas Village, Cork.

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Our Mission

“To provide a cost effective holistic approach to health by balancing the body and mind with acupuncture while ensuring optimum nutritional support.”

What We Do For You

The Harmony Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic takes a holistic approach to health. We use acupuncture to bring your body and mind back into balance, to remove any blockages and to move you from the sympathetic (stressed) to the parasympathetic (relaxed) nervous system.  When the body is relaxed it can heal itself.

In addition, we will provide nutritional support to ensure that you feel good, look good and have loads of energy.  In some cases we will Allergy Test to determine the underlying cause of life long conditions such as sinus problems, migraines, bad knees etc.  Depending on your condition and your state of health we aim to turn your health around in under 12 weeks – get you fit and healthy and out the door so the next client can get in.

Make an Appointment

If you would like to make an appointment you can simply call
087 236 6155 or e-mail us here: info@harmonyacupuncture.ie

You can also take a look at our calendar and book a suitable time slot: