Acupuncture for Addiction

Acupuncture for addiction can effectively help with the withdrawal symptoms from smoking, drugs (prescription, cocaine & heroin) and alcohol.

Treatment is based on a combination of ear and body acupuncture. Ear points used are related to the cranial nerve which induces the production of endorphins (brain chemicals responsible for the pleasure and pain principles). The five ear points that are used include:

(1) The Autonomic Point which calms the nervous system and helps with overall relaxation;
(2) The Shen Men or “spirit gate,” which reduces anxiety and nervousness;
(3) The Kidney Point, for calming fears and healing internal organs;
(4) The Liver Point for detoxification, blood purification, and to quell aggression;
(5) The Lung Point, which promotes aeration and helps clients let go of grief.


Body points may also be used depending on the underlying patterns observed during the initial consultation. Pregnant clients receive only two points, Shen Men and the Lung.